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Labor & Employment Law News

July 20, 2022

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   Filling Out Non-Compete Agreement   

Non-Competition Agreements: How to Align Yours With Best Practices

Michael R. Blum and Anthony M. Dalimonte

A non-competition agreement also known as a non-compete agreement or non-compete clause is a stipulation often found in employee contracts that prohibits an employee from engaging in the same type of business with another employer if they leave their current job.

Our team has put together some key points on non-competes, laws that govern them, and changes that we’re seeing in the Biden Administration...

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Wage and Hour Law 101 for Employers

Clifford L. Hammond

Every employer and HR department has reviewed wage and hour laws, and a few common questions always come up.

  • How much do I have to pay?
  • What will wages look like in the next few years?
  • Does a bonus affect overtime?
  • What type of damages could I face if I don’t pay employee's properly?
  • How do I stay out of the crosshairs of the government?

Some of the answers might not be as straightforward as one might think. Below are some of the most important points on the basics of wage and hour laws and what employers need to know...

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   Cliff Hammond

Cliff Hammond

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   Injured Employee Filling Out Form   

Best Practices: How to Investigate an Employee's Alleged Work Injury

Workers' Compensation Defense Group

Employees who claim they sustained an injury while at work usually report the incident immediately. This prompts the employer to submit the worker’s claim to their insurance carrier or third-party administrator.

During this process, it is a best practice for employers to thoroughly investigate an injured employee’s claim as soon as possible. In order to conduct the most thorough investigation possible, we created two lists designed for employers, insurance adjusters, and claims analysts to utilize...

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Litigation Series Focuses on the Ins & Outs of Lawsuits

August 10 and September 14, 2022

Lawsuits can take years to complete, are disruptive to business’ operations and key individuals’ lives and in extreme cases, may require a person to bet their life savings or a business to “bet the company” to reach a conclusion. Certainly a scenario to avoid at all costs. But when they become necessary, what are some of the things you should consider?

Foster Swift’s virtual Second Wednesday Morning Break series focuses entirely on litigation for a three-part, multifaceted look at lawsuits. All three virtual discussions are free to attend. Register at the following zoom link to attend one or all:

  • Part One of this series aired on July 13 and discussed What To Know If You Are Planning To Sue. This session covers things you should consider before you sue somebody, including the different perspectives and considerations for individuals and businesses. In this segment, attorney Brandon Schumacher discusses some of the factors that should be considered before filing a lawsuit such as the differences in suing in a federal vs. state court and possible alternatives to filing a lawsuit.
  • Part Two of this series will discuss What To Do If You Are Being Sued. Life is good and your business is thriving when suddenly you are handed a summons, indicating a lawsuit filed against you and/or your business and you have x number of days to respond. In this segment, litigator Hilary Stafford describes the steps that must be taken when you receive a summons along with seeking counsel from an experienced attorney on how to comply to stay ahead of disaster and mitigate damage.
    • When: Wednesday, August 10, from 9-9:30 am
  • Part Three and the final segment of this series will discuss Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution. 99 out of 100 lawsuits settle. In most cases, the goal is to settle sooner rather than later before attorney fees and court costs add up. Attorney and experienced mediator Fred Dilley will discuss the process of ADR, the differences between arbitration and mediation along with the benefits of using ADR to resolve a lawsuit.
    • When: Wednesday, September 14 from 9-9:30 am

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